Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camborne Hill : Ca Sert A Quoi?

Wednesday 17th November, an ordinary singers' night at Havering folk club but they did have some special Cornish beer on tap which meant I had to sing in French. So here's "Ca Sert A Quoi?" written by Maxime le Forestier:

It was late in the evening, almost the end in fact, and then my guitar strap broke. So I put it away and sang unaccompannied or acapella as it's sometimes known. "Going up Camborne Hill Coming Down" is a good old Cornish sing song staple, more often heard in rugby clubs, late night drinking sessions or ex-pat reunions than at folk clubs but it does have a serious side, commemorating the historic first ever steam engine ride on Christmas Eve 1801 by Richard Trevithick, the Cornish engineer. I don;t get all the words exactly right, but the beauty of this is how quickly people who've never heard the song before can pick it up and join in.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crownstreet at HFC & How Does it Feel

I didn't make it to Havering Folk Club last night, we sneezed a lot and didn't feel up to it, but the week before ( Wednesday 3rd November) was a good one with Crown Street as the guests. I'd link to their own site if I could find it. Have you ever heard a folk saxaphone section? Lots of other instrumentalists as well, and a fine old Martin guitar.

I wanted to play my newly learned version of Roy Harper's "How Does it Feel" so my guitar was open tuned down to C, and it's a long enough song anyway to just do the one.

* Found Crownstreet now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Acoustic Guitar Podcasts: Episode #19

Episode #19 in Andy Roberts series of acoustic guitar podcasts was recorded on Tuesday 9th November 2011 and published today on the 10th.

Inspired by friends’ lists of 15 songwriters tagged and copied in Facebook, I played songs by Neil Diamond, Steve Tilston, Andy Roberts, Loudon Wainwright and a bonus track Roy Harper song at the start of which there’s an unfortunate inbound telephone ringtone but I didn’t let that faze me at all, oh no. If you do happen to be listening on an iphone or in a house then the effect could be unpredictable.

Here’s the stuff:

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Download MP3 to save – 29.2 Mb in size, playtime 30 minutes 20 seconds :-

19 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 19.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 19 Show Notes

  1. “I’m a Believer” – by Neil Diamond
  2. “One Man Band” – Music and lyrics by Steve Tilston
  3. The Rowan Tree” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts

  • “Samson and the Warden” – Music and lyrics by Loudon Wainwright
  • Migration” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts
  • “I’ll See You Again” – Music and lyrics by Roy Harper
  • acoustic guitar podcasts

    acoustic guitar podcasts

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    How Does It Feel? Podcasting

    I announced a new series of podcasts back in the summer and I've published 18 episodes so far.  The original idea was just to provide another distribution method for the live house concert that I broadcast weekly for the past year or so. So it's just me and my guitar, not much chat or conversation, and I try to feature my own compositions as a matter of course, with the covers creeping in as and when I feel like it.

    But this week I actually went and learned a Roy Harper song that is new to my repertoire - the classic  "How does it Feel?"  And then I went and performed it live at the Havering Folk Club at somebody else's guest night, with some good reactions, but not necessarily from the usual suspects.

    So I thought I'd do a post here on, an exercise in listing each of the individual podcasts where I've included a Roy Harper cover.

    The Andy Roberts Podcast is hosted at and can also be accessed from iTtunes at


    So starting with the last first,

    Episode 18   Track 4 - How Does it  Feel?  download

    Episode 15   Track 1 - Don't You Grieve  download

    Episode 12  Track 1 - IF  &  Track 4 - The Same Old Rock download

    Episode 3  Track 7 - When An Old Cricketer download

    Episode 1 Track 3 - I'll See You Again download




    Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    Andy Roberts Podcast #18

    On this week’s podcast which is episode number 18 we have mostly Any Roberts own compositions and one classic Roy Harper song which hasn’t been covered here before at all, or by Andy Roberts ever, in fact.

    Here’s the stuff:

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    Download MP3 to save – 26.6 Mb in size, playtime 29 minutes 05 seconds :-

    18 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 18.mp3

    Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 18 Show Notes

    1. “The Nutmeg Tree” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts, from Album 1
    2. “The Show Carries On” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts, from The Andy Roberts Tapes
    3. “Joan of Arc” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts from The Andy Roberts Tapes
    4. “How Does it Feel” – Music and lyrics by Roy Harper
    5. “Change Is” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts from The Last Nail

    Some youTube Videos of the same songs

    The Nutmeg Tree

    The Show Carries On

    Joan of Arc

    How Does it Feel

    Change Is

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