Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Acoustic Guitar Podcasts: Episode #19

Episode #19 in Andy Roberts series of acoustic guitar podcasts was recorded on Tuesday 9th November 2011 and published today on the 10th.

Inspired by friends’ lists of 15 songwriters tagged and copied in Facebook, I played songs by Neil Diamond, Steve Tilston, Andy Roberts, Loudon Wainwright and a bonus track Roy Harper song at the start of which there’s an unfortunate inbound telephone ringtone but I didn’t let that faze me at all, oh no. If you do happen to be listening on an iphone or in a house then the effect could be unpredictable.

Here’s the stuff:

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19 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 19.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 19 Show Notes

  1. “I’m a Believer” – by Neil Diamond
  2. “One Man Band” – Music and lyrics by Steve Tilston
  3. The Rowan Tree” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts

  • “Samson and the Warden” – Music and lyrics by Loudon Wainwright
  • Migration” – Music and lyrics by Andy Roberts
  • “I’ll See You Again” – Music and lyrics by Roy Harper
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    acoustic guitar podcasts

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