Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hell in Herefordshire

Hell in Herefordshire

The wild white rose is cankered along the vale of Lugg;
There is poison in the tankard; there is murder in the mug.
Through all the pleasant valley where stand the pale-faced kine,
Men raise the Devil's chalice and drink this bitter wine.
Unspeakable carouses that shame the summer sky
Take place in little houses that look towards the Wye.
And near the Radnor border and the dark hills of Wales,
Beelzebub is warder, and sorcery prevails.
For, spite of Church and chapel, ungodly folk there be
Who pluck the cider apple from the cider apple tree,
And squeeze it in their presses until the juice runs out,
At various addresses that no-one knows about.
And, maddened by the orgies of that ungodly brew,
They slit each others' gorges from one a.m. till two,
Till Ledbury is in shambles, and in the dirt and mud
Where Leominster sits and gambles, the dice are stained with blood.
But still, if strength suffices, before the day is done,
I'll go and share the vices of Clungunford and Clun
But watch the red sun sinking across the March again,
And join the secret drinking of outlaws at Presteigne.

by E.V. Knox

as heard on Poetry Please Radio 4

I'm going to sing this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Week #20 A 'House' Song

Week #20 of the Songwriters Circle Challenge suggests that you can write a House Song.

This can be a song from the 1990's "House Music" genre, or a song about a house.

House Music has a specific style of rythm which I find hard to describe in words. It's basically four four with the accent on every beat, ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-and-ONE-TWO....

Songs about houses are a somewhat UK centric phenomena, but I'm sure there are examples worldwide to prove me wrong as well.

From my own terrible memory alone, I can point to

"Our House" Madness
"Neighbourhood" - Space
"House on The Hill" - Kevin Koyne
"Country House" - Blur
"Bungalow Bill" - Lennon/McCartney
and of course... "House of The Rising Sun" - Animals/Trad

Looking forward to hearing your House songs!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Podcast 38 Clean Living Blues

Andy Roberts Podcast Episode #38 comes out a day late, sorry about that. Here’s the download and play link etc:

 podcast 38 [30:00] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Download MP3 to save – 40.00 Mb in size, playtime 30 minutes 0 seconds :- 38 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 38.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast #38 Shownotes

Show Notes for Podcast 38

  1. The Streets of Paris – Andy Roberts
  2. Clean Living Blues – by Linda Hartley and Andy Roberts
  3. Winter in Andalusia – Andy Roberts (abridged version)
  4. Now that I’m Living Here – Andy Roberts
  5. Cajun Cooking Song – Andy Roberts
  6. Just Like A Woman – Bob Dylan Song

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Podcast #37 – Soundcloud

Andy Roberts Podcast Episode #37 was put together from tracks which are hosted on my Andy Roberts Soundcloud account, and one extra song ( Work is Done) recorded live for you on Wednesday morning. The live show had to be canceled this week due to an unfortunate throat incident on the Tuesday evening.

Here’s the download and play link etc:

 podcast 37 [25:42] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Download MP3 to save – 39.26 Mb in size, playtime 28 minutes 32 seconds :-

37 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 37.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast #37 Shownotes

25:42 37.1Mb

Show Notes for Podcast 37

  1. Clean Living Blues – by Linda Hartley and Andy Roberts
  2. Hold On Below -  Andy Roberts as featured on The Lost Folk Tapes
  3. Work is Done – Andy Roberts
  4. Never was to be – Daryl P Hall Andy Roberts
  5. Highway Blues – Roy Harper

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Podcast #36 Instrumentals and Songs

Andy Roberts Podcast Episode #36 contains fragments of tunes, instrumentals and a few complete songs as well. I was going to do the new 12 bar blues completed for the Songwriters Circle weekly task but it’s so new I forgot the rhythm!

Here’s the download and play link etc:

 podcast 36 [28:32] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Download MP3 to save – 39.26 Mb in size, playtime 28 minutes 32 seconds :-

36 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 36.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast #36 Shownotes

28:32   39.26Mb

Show Notes for Podcast 36

  1. Yellow is the Colour – Donovan arranged Andy Roberts
  2. Winter in Andalusia – Andy Roberts
  3. Narrowboats – Instrumental by Andy Roberts
  4. The Biggleswade Stomp – Instrumental by Andy Roberts
  5. Joan of Arc – Andy Roberts

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Podcast #35 – Lizzy B’s Session and The Streets of Paris

The Live Session from Lizzy B’s acoustic night at the Essex Arms Brentwood takes up most of podcast #35 with one new song written for the Songwriters Circle challenge appended. There wasn’t a live podcast on livestream this week, so it was handy that I had these tracks almost ready to go.

Here’s the player, link and download :

 Podcast 35 [23:02] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Download MP3 to save – 28.8 Mb in size, playtime 29 minutes 54 seconds :-

35 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 35.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast #35 Shownotes

The first 4 songs were recorded at Lizzy B’s Acoustic Sessions in Brentwood, Essex

I also mentioned the Andy Roberts interview for The Lost Folk Tapes

The last song, was a contribution to the Songwriters Circle WK 2 Challenge

  1. Mazet – Andy Roberts
  2. Migration – Andy Roberts
  3. The Last Subway Home – Andy Roberts
  4. Grow Fins – Captain Beefheart
  5. The Streets of Paris – Andy Roberts

The Streets of Paris

The Streets of Paris by andyroberts

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Podcast Episode 31 Re-recorded

Here’s another version of podcast episode 31 re-recorded on Wednesday morning with most of of the same songs roughly, as the one which went out live on Tuesday evening. So if you were there, online watching the show and chatting with Linda in one of the realtime boxes then you should notice this isn’t exactly the same performance. The instrumental guitar pieces for example, as improvisations will be will be very different. I’m sure one or two sings are missing too, and one or two added. That’s all part of the process. And the new strings will be over twelve hours old now as well, instead of being only 12 minutes since restringing. I had even thought of doing the restring live on the podcast itself, as a piece of performance a-r-t but Linda said it wouldn’t make a very good audio podcast and I came around to that point of view eventually.

Here’s the web player, download link, tracklist and show notes for Podcast Episode 31:

 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 31 [00:29:45m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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You can also download the MP3 from this link

31 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 31.mp3

Podcast Episode 31 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Andy Roberts Acoustic Guitar Podcast Episode 31:

Episode 31 broadcast on February 1st, published on February 2nd 2011.

1) Mozambique

Words and Music by Bob Dylan

2) Shifting Sands

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2) Reason To Believe

Words and Music by Tim Hardin

2)Last Subway Home

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2)The Wreckers Prayer

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2)Nobody Knows You ( When you’re down and out)

Words and Music by Jimmy Cox

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