Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camborne Hill : Ca Sert A Quoi?

Wednesday 17th November, an ordinary singers' night at Havering folk club but they did have some special Cornish beer on tap which meant I had to sing in French. So here's "Ca Sert A Quoi?" written by Maxime le Forestier:

It was late in the evening, almost the end in fact, and then my guitar strap broke. So I put it away and sang unaccompannied or acapella as it's sometimes known. "Going up Camborne Hill Coming Down" is a good old Cornish sing song staple, more often heard in rugby clubs, late night drinking sessions or ex-pat reunions than at folk clubs but it does have a serious side, commemorating the historic first ever steam engine ride on Christmas Eve 1801 by Richard Trevithick, the Cornish engineer. I don;t get all the words exactly right, but the beauty of this is how quickly people who've never heard the song before can pick it up and join in.

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