Thursday, June 04, 2009

Andy Smythe Trio at Havering Folk Club

Last night was the guest spot of The Andy Smythe Trio at Havering Folk Club.

Andy Smythe sang mostly his own songs and some from The Waterboys, Woodie Guthrie and Leonard Cohen while strumming accoustic guitar or playing electric piano. The rest of the trio consisted of an electric bass player and another who played electric fiddle, slide guitar, electric guitar and something I'd not seen before which looks and plays like an electric viola but somehow sounds much deeper, more in the range of a cello. The songs seemed to be mostly about America.

I played a couple of songs with my cello guitar, the first being a new style for me at Havering Folk Club - a song from musical theatre.

From Evita, On this Night of a Thousand Stars.

And Roy Harper's Don't you grieve.

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