Thursday, May 28, 2009

Linda Hartley MC at Havering Folk Club

Last night it was Linda Hartley's turn to be MC at Havering Folk Club and I can tell you she was just a little bit nervous about it for a few hours beforehand but did a cracking job on the night itself. It was good to see some new faces this week, which made up for one or two regulars not being present - I don't know if they succombed to the dreaded lurgy that goes around (not really swine flu) or are Manchester United supporters lol.

I took my 12 string guitar along and played two songs in the first half:

Michael Chapman's Postcards from Scarborough - of which the video from the last time I played that song is available on the Havering Folk Club Andy Roberts website

And secondly, a repeat of my new song Yellow Boat which was videod last week by Linda herself.

In the second half there was time for another song so I played an old favourite - The Wreckers Prayer

There were floor spots from Pep & Terry, plus a solo from Terry, Foxen, JoJo, Andy Roberts, Margaret Brown, Rockin' Bob, Carol Baxter, Helen Islip, Norman Faulkner, Nikki & Lyn, Guv'nor Simon, Nick Lester (an Havering Folk Club virgin), and the first ever duet from Simon and Peter.

Another great night out at Havering Folk.

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