Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old Paint at Havering Folk Club and Cajun Music Cajun Food

Well I missed a week last week due to illness and I had a busy day on Wednesday in central London for the afternoon but it was good to be back at Havering Folk Club for the evening entertainment. Quite a fun night as it turned out with Bert compering in a hilarious style.

I suddenly decided to play an old country cowboy song, Old Paint which I learned originally from the second Loudon Wainright LP. It's a traditional song

I ride an old paint, I lead an old Dan
I'm going to Montana for to throw the hoolian
They feed in the coulees, they water in the draw
Their tails are all matted, and their backs are all raw
Ride around little dogies, ride around slow
For the Firey and Snuffy are a rarin' to go

Old Bill Jones had a daughter and a son
One went to college and the other went wrong
His wife she died in a pool-room fight
And still he keeps singing from morning 'til night
Ride around little dogies, ride around slow
For the Firey and Snuffy are a rarin' to go

When I die take my saddle from the wall
Lead me down to my pony, take him out of his stall
Put my bones on his back, point our faces to the west
And we'll ride the prairie, that we love the best
Ride around little dogies, ride around slow
For the Firey and Snuffy are a rarin' to go

Then one of my own songs, a request as I had the 12string guitar with me:

Cajun music, Cajun food

This is a man who knows his onions

Allons Danser

( I added a verse in cajun french that day )

This is the video from the April 1st gig.

Monday, June 15, 2009

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Requests at Havering Folk Club

It's always nice to get requests because (A) it suggests that somebody likes my songs and (B) it saves me having to decide what to play. The only problem is I've got two request from one person and the songs really deserve to be played on two different guitars, which is more than I can be bothered to carry for a normal singers night at Havering Folk Club. So I'm in the position of having one saved up for later, which is fine.
Last night then, we had a large number of floor singers - 19 I think, including some new people like Fanny Feeney

I played my own song "Blue" as a request and then a Bob Dylan classic, Just like a Woman. I'm sure I got the lines to verses one and two mixed up but only John would notice that :-)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Andy Smythe Trio at Havering Folk Club

Last night was the guest spot of The Andy Smythe Trio at Havering Folk Club.

Andy Smythe sang mostly his own songs and some from The Waterboys, Woodie Guthrie and Leonard Cohen while strumming accoustic guitar or playing electric piano. The rest of the trio consisted of an electric bass player and another who played electric fiddle, slide guitar, electric guitar and something I'd not seen before which looks and plays like an electric viola but somehow sounds much deeper, more in the range of a cello. The songs seemed to be mostly about America.

I played a couple of songs with my cello guitar, the first being a new style for me at Havering Folk Club - a song from musical theatre.

From Evita, On this Night of a Thousand Stars.

And Roy Harper's Don't you grieve.
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