Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mainland day 18

A day on the mainland, in the rainy market town and harbour of Lymington.  Most productive day so far in terms quantitatively, with the bonus of having left the iPad behind charging.  Thanks for the lift.

Fishing boats

No fishing no crabbing. 

Moonrise over Lymington

Cardboard for collection. 




Experience a position of power

Declare all susbstances

Monday, February 18, 2019

DAY 17 - Ryde etc

Ryde Pier again. 

A liminal space. This time the tide was out. Then Coburgs, a nightclub in the afternoon and the bus which goes through Brading, Sandown, Shanklin, Bonchurch, Ventnor, Wroxall and Godshill before arriving back in Newport. Nice to see the old people enjoying themselves but I'm out. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Half Way Post

It's February 14th so I'm half way through my Songwriting month challenge.

A good time to take stock and make any adjustments to the path for the next 2 weeks. The first half started with snow on the ground and ended with warm sunny gardening weather - yes, I took a couple of hours out and weeded the garlic patch.

I was ill for three days and recovering for two more so that took a chunk out, which means I'll need to step up the pace for part 2. I've learned that I can sometimes get something written down if I get up real early in the morning for an hour, after having a full day the day before, or after several hours on my own either tramping around the coastal paths or else hanging around transit spaces, such as cafes at the ferry port. Sometimes it's nice enough to plonk down on a bench outdoors even.

I still have enough bus passes left for alternate days and I quite like the enforced waiting the timetables dictate, but it does make for well trodden routes. I put out a call for help with offers of lifts at the start, and this means I have a couple of dates pencilled in and some others which are much more vague. Nobody in West Wight can pick me up on the way somewhere so far, and nobody is going to the mainland with a spare seat this month it seems.

But there is still time for you dear reader, to come good if you have been thinking about it, and get in touch to make a simple arrangement. I'm just trying to get a bit further away from home for a few hours or half a day, that's all. New horizons, unencumbered. If I had been able to go away completely for a week I would have been finished after day 5. This way with day trips is much slower, as I expected, so it's good that I allowed a whole month to get there. I have 9 pieces of writing with potential to become complete songs, but I need about 30 in order to go through a stringent filtering process later on when I come to write the music for the album.

Oh and by the way, I've just recently learned from friends in the busking community that sales of shiny disc plastic CDs have finally started to tail off, as few people still have working CD players these days. To be replaced with what - usb pen drives? Download codes? Resurgent Vinyl haha?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

12 - Alum Bay to Yarmouth

12 - Alum Bay to Yarmouth

Headon Warren

Hatherwood Batter 

Hatherwood Batter



Needles plus warren



Totland Bay + Fort Albert

Totland Pier Cafe

Brambles Chine



4 red squirrels

4 red squirrels

Are you still there?

Monday, February 11, 2019

Day 9 Ryde - Cowes

Day 9 Ryde - Cowes

Seedy Sunday at Aspire, Ryde Pier, Wetherspoon Cinema, Codfather, Lift to Cowes, 2CV Black Cat Blues Club, Two Alehouses. Run for the bus.

Wightlink Catamaran Ferry


Island Line
Island Line


Saturday, February 09, 2019

Day 8 One Horse Field, Seed packets

A reverse of a previous walk to Totland Pier, via One Horse Field to Colwell, through Brambles Farm to Golden Hill Fort.

Picked up Seedy Sunday envelopes from the library, for tomorrow.

One Horse Field

Gorse is in flower, kissing's in season. 
Seedy Sunday seed packets
Organising February 
Marshall Bass20 Combo amp for sale.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Day 4-6 off

As soon as I got home on Sunday I knew I was going down. You can never tell quite how far down, or for how long and the end is still not over yet, but I've got as far as gathering a few thoughts together so the mending process has begun. With lots of soup, elderberry vinegar and rest I shall endure the headaches, the sneezing, the painful swallowing and a few other symptoms of some kind of virus that is more robust that the common cold but less than influenza. The weather has been bad too, mizzle, dreich, snur, sleety gale driven swamp juice with added cold. Tantalising glimpses of sunshine, soon hidden. Until this morning which was more like warm fog. With the window open for the first time in days, a song thrush went through some fraction of its melodious repertoire.

So that's three days cancelled out of my February challenge, nothing that can't be caught up with as it's still early on in the month. I have continued with making plans to some extent, wherever I can find  offers or events which have a date attached to them. The more vague or tentative ones I shall just have to hope will come to fruition later, at least some of them. One of them? Who knows. The old man in the mountain knows, that's who knows.  
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