Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Day 4-6 off

As soon as I got home on Sunday I knew I was going down. You can never tell quite how far down, or for how long and the end is still not over yet, but I've got as far as gathering a few thoughts together so the mending process has begun. With lots of soup, elderberry vinegar and rest I shall endure the headaches, the sneezing, the painful swallowing and a few other symptoms of some kind of virus that is more robust that the common cold but less than influenza. The weather has been bad too, mizzle, dreich, snur, sleety gale driven swamp juice with added cold. Tantalising glimpses of sunshine, soon hidden. Until this morning which was more like warm fog. With the window open for the first time in days, a song thrush went through some fraction of its melodious repertoire.

So that's three days cancelled out of my February challenge, nothing that can't be caught up with as it's still early on in the month. I have continued with making plans to some extent, wherever I can find  offers or events which have a date attached to them. The more vague or tentative ones I shall just have to hope will come to fruition later, at least some of them. One of them? Who knows. The old man in the mountain knows, that's who knows.  
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