Thursday, March 03, 2011

Podcast #35 – Lizzy B’s Session and The Streets of Paris

The Live Session from Lizzy B’s acoustic night at the Essex Arms Brentwood takes up most of podcast #35 with one new song written for the Songwriters Circle challenge appended. There wasn’t a live podcast on livestream this week, so it was handy that I had these tracks almost ready to go.

Here’s the player, link and download :

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Download MP3 to save – 28.8 Mb in size, playtime 29 minutes 54 seconds :-

35 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 35.mp3

Andy Roberts Podcast #35 Shownotes

The first 4 songs were recorded at Lizzy B’s Acoustic Sessions in Brentwood, Essex

I also mentioned the Andy Roberts interview for The Lost Folk Tapes

The last song, was a contribution to the Songwriters Circle WK 2 Challenge

  1. Mazet – Andy Roberts
  2. Migration – Andy Roberts
  3. The Last Subway Home – Andy Roberts
  4. Grow Fins – Captain Beefheart
  5. The Streets of Paris – Andy Roberts

The Streets of Paris

The Streets of Paris by andyroberts

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