Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Episode 28 – From Andy Roberts Music on YouTube Most Viewed

For this week’s podcast because there couldn’t be a live show, so  I’ve done something a bit different. Instead of recording the show and then maybe ending up with some songs for youTube, I’m making the podcast out of videos that I have already on there. It’s the best of my youTube channel from 2010, my pick of five from the most popular songs on there, strung together with a little bit of introduction.

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Episode 28 Shownotes

  1. One More Cup Of Coffee – Bob Dylan Song live from Havering Folk Club( >25,500 views)
  2. Big Eyed Bean From Venus – Captain Beefheart tribute
  3. Grow Fins – Captain Beefheart again
  4. The Wreckers Prayer – Andy Roberts Song Live at Walthamstow Folk Club
  5. I Hate the White ManRoy Harper‘s song
YouTube - andyroberts music Channel

YouTube - andyrobertsmusic Channel

Watch the original YouTube Tracks Here:

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