Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yellow Boat, Yellow Taxi

Another week at Havering Folk Club, my last before the refurbishment at The Golden Lion. Will it be the same when we come back in February?

I played Yellow Boat (My own song) and Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi

After the break there was time for one more and I sang Loudon Wainwright's "I Am The Way"

Back in The Field The Dream is Over

Back at Havering Folk Club after a break in Spain for the holidays I played two of my own songs:

The Dream is Over


Back In The Field

John Lennon Day at Havering Folk Club

John Lennon Day at Havering Folk Club

Loudon Wainwright’s “Not John” followed by “Working Class Hero” written by John Lennon performed at Havering Folk Club on December 8th 2010 by Andy Roberts.

Later there was time for one more and I played "Bird On A Wire" by Leonard Cohen.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Episode 28 – From Andy Roberts Music on YouTube Most Viewed

For this week’s podcast because there couldn’t be a live show, so  I’ve done something a bit different. Instead of recording the show and then maybe ending up with some songs for youTube, I’m making the podcast out of videos that I have already on there. It’s the best of my youTube channel from 2010, my pick of five from the most popular songs on there, strung together with a little bit of introduction.

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 Podcast 28 [00:29:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Download MP3 to save – 28.0 Mb in size, playtime 29 minutes 06 seconds :-

28 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 28.mp3

Episode 28 Shownotes

  1. One More Cup Of Coffee – Bob Dylan Song live from Havering Folk Club( >25,500 views)
  2. Big Eyed Bean From Venus – Captain Beefheart tribute
  3. Grow Fins – Captain Beefheart again
  4. The Wreckers Prayer – Andy Roberts Song Live at Walthamstow Folk Club
  5. I Hate the White ManRoy Harper‘s song
YouTube - andyroberts music Channel

YouTube - andyrobertsmusic Channel

Watch the original YouTube Tracks Here:

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