Thursday, September 30, 2010

Podcast #13 : 3 Andy Roberts Songs

Episode #13 brings three Andy Roberts compositions, two of which are longer than average songs. The first is the almost completed song which has undergone some serious birthing difficulties, but I hope you will think it’s been worth it eventually…  “Change Is” began life as two separate songs appearing ten weeks ago in Podcast #3 provisionally entitled “Trevellas” and “Summerhouse”. So that’s just one track now, coming in at still only about seven minutes long, which is a lot shorter than fourteen verses of The Lincolnshire Poacher. A fair comparison, I’m sure you would agree.

The second song is a rare live rendition of “Gernika” which I’ve written about elsewhere, and is the title track to my album of songs all written during one week in Spain.

Then I attempt to lighten up with a little ditty from 2009, Yellow Boat.

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Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 13 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Podcast Episode 13 broadcast on September 28th, published on September 30th 2010.

1) Change Is

Words and Music by Andy Roberts, from the album “The Last Nail

2) Gernika

Words and Music by Andy Roberts, from the album “Gernika

2) Yellow Boat

Words and Music by Andy Roberts, from the album “The Last Nail

The Tree of Gernika in 2003

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