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Beginning August Havering and Romford Folk Club

Let's see now where are we.... The last entry here was for HFC on 21st July and since then I've done two podcasts, episode 4 the Loudon Wainwright Special and episode 5 on Folk Music, missed a week at Havering when I was still in central London due to a trackside fire at Romford, and last week made a first appearance at Romford Folk Club on the Tuesday, right after the podcast, which is not to be confused with Havering folk club which is also in Romford.

Both folk club events were member's special nights which I didn't want to miss.

Romford Folk Club

Clive and Linda aka Ploughman's Lunch guested at Romford Folk Club which is held every Tuesday downstairs at the Sun pub, not all that far from the Golden Lion really.

Address: 47 London Road
Romford Essex

Since Clive and Linda sing mostly traditional agricultural folk songs I played one of my own that's kind of in that style, The Rowan Tree

So it was the first time I'd ever been to that venue, due to Tuesday's not being a good night fr us usually, but it was interesting that we managed to get there after the podcast show finished at home around 7.30 and arrive in Romford and find the place still in plenty of time before the evening kicked off.

Havering Folk Club

Wednesday 3rd of August was a special members night for Phil Duffield which gave him a chance to show a wider repertoire than we normally hear from him. There was a new song Phil has written as a proposed new national anthem for Wales, which is a fine ambition to have, and the song certainly has a lot of potential become something like that with the right sort of take up.

I played a song of my own which Phil has asked me to make sure I do a bit more often so this was the perfect opportunity, the song is called "The Dream is Over" and here's the video taken with Linda's new camera:

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