Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Playing the Saz at Havering Folk Club HFC

Last week I finally got around to taking my SAZ along to Havering Folk Club. It had been lying around sadly out of tune for months and then I managed to wrestle it back on form and tried out a few tunes on the Tuesday Night Show. There's a long story about how I bought the SAZ in Turkey and brought it back, the story used to live on a wiki of its own but now should be available on a blog post somewhere, I'll dig it out and link to it later. Anyway, in order to take the fragile instrument out on a journey I had to first give it a bit of s clean up with furniture polish and stuff, then figure out a way to make it fit in a guitar bag. The Saz is a long necked lute and a bout two inches longer all told than a 12 string guitar, but with a tear drop shaped bowl instead of a guitar body. I found that I could just get it into my biggest guitar case, the one I bought for the 12 string, sideways on and with a bit of strain on the zip.

On arriving at Havering Folk Club, upstairs in The Golden Lion pub, Romford, I was pleased to find teh Saz was still in tune and signed up for a floor spot.

I played a tune which I call "Istankoy" and then another which segues into a version of Buddy Holly's Rave On.

Istankoy is in fact the Turkish name for the island known as Kos in Greek.


Rave On

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