Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When The Waters Rise - Blog Action Day

October 15th is Blog Action Day so I performed my song "When The Waters Rise - blog action day" last night at Havering Folk Club

When the waters rise

When the waters rise, when the waters rise,

It's started to rain, could go on forever
The puddles grow then join together | As the waters rise

With energy a change of current
The trickle soon becomes a torrent And the waters rise

We'll have to move abandon camp,
where once was desert now is damp And the waters rise

The balance kept by plants and sea
has pushed beyond the boundary
Now the gas surrounds us like a cloak
a million years gone up in smoke

The climate's changed, the world's in motion,
Then the ice caps melt and join the ocean And the waters rise

In the short term we can head for the hills,
In the longer run we'll all grow gills and the waters rise

The weather warnings made no mark,
Now there's no time left to build the Ark As the waters rise..

Here's another version of the same song recorded at the previous Tuesday Evening 7.00pm Live Webcast

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