Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Havering Folk Club 17th September

Was last Wednesday the 17th? I think it was, anyway we went along to Havering Folk Club as usual and I took along my 12 string guitar that I've been playing quite a bit recently. It was an ordinary singers night so I played two songs in the first half - Puddles and Back in The Field. Then in the second half there was time for one more so I fulfilled a lifetime ambition by playing a Captain Beefheart song in a folk club - Grow Fins.

Ok, so the Wednesday must have been the 23rd of September but I'm not going to change the title now after Ive already published it .... doh.

Saturday was the 26th which meant that Havering Folk Club had the first "Club In The Pub" night with guests "Triangle" and support from "Kiss The Mistress", a great night out.

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