Thursday, April 23, 2009

St Georges Day at Havering Folk Club

St Georges Day

St George is the patron saint of England who probably only ever existed in legend but since the pub chain owners decided to try and extend the increased sales seen during St Patrick's Day to other similarly themed events St George and his flag have seen quite a bit more attention in recent years.

Havering Folk Club

Havering Folk Club likes to celebrate these sort of regional calendar events too, hence mentions of St Pirans day last month although I don't recall making much fuss of St David but then what can you do.

So the Golden Lion pub in Romford where Havering Folk Club meets every Wednesday at eight had an enormous number of England flags up yesterday even though St Georges Day is actually today and the new landlord is Irish.

I've been enjoying playing my Chinese Lute or Ruan recently so I decided to take that instrument along for the second time. I'd been asked about it as well. I didn't really want to do an instrumental and I only know one or two songs but didn't let that deter me. Three chords is enough for thousands of folk songs!

Truro Agricultural Show

I've sung the Truro Agericultural song before, twice in fact but not on the Chinese lute so that's a late inclusion for St Piran's day on the day before St George's. I think I even managed to get all the right animals in the right order too.

When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease

When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease is a famous single by Roy Harper, the greatest Living Englishman. The Stormcock list decided that Roy Harper could wear that title , previously occupied by Vivian Stanshall before he died in a bizarre smoking in bed accident. Anyway I thought When an Old Cricketer sounded quite good with the underplayed gentle Ruan string melody in place of the usual twangy guitar sound.

Goodnight Irene

After the break there was just enough time for a few people to do a third song and my turn was squeezed in right at the end so I had little choice but to play Goodnight Irene Irene Goodnight - making the chords up as I went along but who cares at that time of night?

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