Thursday, March 12, 2009

Singers Nights at Havering Folk Club

Havering Folk Club Singers Nights

Singers Nights or Open Sessions Havering Folk Club are every Wednesday unless there is a Guest Artist ( 4 times a year ) or members special night such as Andy Roberts Night at Havering Folk Club

These Singers Nights at are getting better all the time with more new singers and performers, new faces in the audience and a general increase in both quality and variety. People who have been coming along for months, before my time even, are clearly taking the weekly opportunity seriously and upping the style, delivery and material. Folk from other clubs are starting to turn up, whether to advertise their own venue, plug a gig somewhere or pitch for a guest spot. It all makes for a highly entertaining night out on a Wednesday with a friendly buzz for very little outlay in terms of transport and admission.

Getting to The Golden Lion

Transport to the Golden Lion where Havering Folk Club takes place is good. I catch the train to Romford from Manor Park which costs £3.50 return and takes less than twenty minutes plus a four minute walk. It would be a little bit more from Liverpool Street Station I suppose. There are also plenty buses and a car park at the back of the pub in Angel Way, or you can park in the Market Square.

Andy Roberts Songs

Last night I played The Nutmeg Tree, which previously had an outing on July 24th when I played for the first time at Havering Folk Club and then Bob Marley's Redemption Song.

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