Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chinese Lute at Havering Folk Club

I took my Chinese Lute or Ruan along to Havering Folk club this week for a change, as you may have guessed from yesterday's post about it. I had some trouble fitting it into the guitar bag, but managed to improvise with the zip.

I thought it as a particularly good night last night. There were some new performers to me, and I also noticed that several of the regulars had noticeably come on in and demonstrated considerable improvement. It must be the accumulated effect of weekly providing an attentive audience for each other. All levels are appreciated, but I think the overall level had gone up a notch or two. Well that's how it seemed to me anyway.

I played a tune that I always play on the chinese lute and now it has a name "Yangtse Gorges". There's a video of me playing it in the back garden a few years ago somewhere, I'll have to root around on various old computers.

Then I did Dead Skunk by Loudon Wainwright, an old singalong favourite recently mentioned by Karyn. Linda was sitting near the front so we have an instant video take:

Andy Roberts plays Dead Skunk at Havering Folk Club

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