Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Party at Havering Folk Club

Surprise parties can have a habit of not going exactly to plan but Sarah's 18th at Havering Folk Club hit the spot.

Amidst the chocolate cake, popcorn and pringles there was some music making as well, with plenty of new faces in the audience which needed to extend sideways out the back. I don't know how many of then we'll see again though.

I took my chinese guitar for the first time, it's nice and light to carry being only half the depth of a full jumbo dreadnought acoustic, but the sound produced is correspondingly less voluminous, so no good for quiet finger picking unamplified at a crowded venue. Good enough to strum with a flat pick though, just about.

I played an old song of mine I've been revisiting recently, called Mazet with the last verse in French.

Also two Bob Dylan songs, One Too Many Mornings and I shall Be Released

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