Sunday, January 04, 2009

String Winder for 12 string Guitar

I bought a string winder yesterday from a guitar shop in Romford called "Professional Music Technology" - PMT

A string winder is a little gadget that hooks over an individual tuner peg so that you can quickly unwind an existing string for removal or wind up a new one to operation tension. Simple but time saving especially with a 12 string guitar getting a whole new set of string. To do it by hand you have to grip the peg between thumb and finger and turn it one half of a rotation at a time which gets pretty tedious when it takes 20 or more rotations to go from slack to taught.

I saw a cheap plastic one in Selfridges but for some reason failed to buy it at £4 then decided that decision had been foolish and went into PMT in Romford only to find teh same thing ( the last one in the shop ) for £2.

If I'd gone to Amazon online I would have been spoilt for choice however:

** Buy one of several kinds of stringwinder online via **

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