Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Highway Blues interpretation

I learned to play Highway Blues in my own way when the Lifemask album first came out, using a load of bar chords which made it harder work than is really necessary. More recently, I've started using a different technique barring the bass string of a dropped D tuning.

Highway Blues

Take a look down your highway
Tell me what d'you see
Well if you're down my way
It could well be me
Stood on your corner
I'm nearly down on one knee
Can you hear me calling for you
So damn easy to see
And it can't be forever
And it won't be for long
So don't you think
that it's better
We speak the same tongue
Out here in this weather
We must surely belong
Birds of a feather
Whatever the song:

Please give me a lift man
It can't be for far
The way that you shift man
In your empty car,
I've got the highway blues
In my holey shoes
And I cannot choose
What I look like
Out on the streets or where my drum beats
in between the clean sheets of my love life

And I got here from yesterday
On porridge and bait
Swallowing sorrow
Following fate
Poaching tomorrow
From God and the state
Of homo his shadow
The well known long
haired straight
But I've got a good reason
For being this way
I'm happy for certain
And hoping to stay
Travelling trust
Across the new day
Gathering dust
Down your highway

Please give me a lift man...

And I need little Margaret
Out here again
Screwing some traffic
From the shaven insane
With thumbs like a dragnet
She pulls like a train
And she looks like a magnet;
And she comes like a warm rain

Please give me a lift man, etc

By Roy Harper

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