Friday, January 16, 2009

Folk Radio Station

Thanks to Sandie Ritter on the Stormcock list for posting a link to this web radio station:

They play some interesting stuff but it's hard to find out who some of the singers are. Occasionally makes mistakes like playing Dido, but on the whole it's a nice station to have on for an hour or so while working.


Via Paul Davison at from Alex Gallacher


This was the only way of contacting members so forgive me if it's wrong. Andy Roberts posted a listen link to my station in his blog which he mentioned was listed on Stormcock. I stumbled across the link in my website stats.

He mentioned it was difficult to work out what was playing....All the info can be found at There are two radio streams, one playing Celtic and Trad British Folk, the other playing Alt-Folk and Indie Folk. There are many listen links as well.

I've never played Dido...but his comment did make me laugh...

I hail from Romford originally, changed a lot last time I visited.

All the best

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