Thursday, December 04, 2008

Andy Roberts Music

last night I returned to playing Andy Roberts Music at the Havering Folk Club
on a slightly quieter than usual singers night. Some of the regulars were off sick with colds etc and the audience seemed less inclined to join in the singing. There were some excellent new floor spots though, with more guitar players than usual which makes a change.

So I played my most recent version of Searching for Venus with reference to the recent conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with the moon. Hmm, well it seems the version on is very different so maybe I'll need to re-record that one in the new year.

Then I played "When the Waters Rise" which is a dramatic tango about climate change but realised I haven't successfully memorised all the words yet.

Due to the new campaign to start the evening's entertainment more promptly there was even time to do one number in the second half so I played "The Wreckers Prayer" again since I've been getting some very positive feedback about that particular song.

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