Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Podcast Episode 31 Re-recorded

Here’s another version of podcast episode 31 re-recorded on Wednesday morning with most of of the same songs roughly, as the one which went out live on Tuesday evening. So if you were there, online watching the show and chatting with Linda in one of the realtime boxes then you should notice this isn’t exactly the same performance. The instrumental guitar pieces for example, as improvisations will be will be very different. I’m sure one or two sings are missing too, and one or two added. That’s all part of the process. And the new strings will be over twelve hours old now as well, instead of being only 12 minutes since restringing. I had even thought of doing the restring live on the podcast itself, as a piece of performance a-r-t but Linda said it wouldn’t make a very good audio podcast and I came around to that point of view eventually.

Here’s the web player, download link, tracklist and show notes for Podcast Episode 31:

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Podcast Episode 31 Show Notes

Show notes and information for Andy Roberts Acoustic Guitar Podcast Episode 31:

Episode 31 broadcast on February 1st, published on February 2nd 2011.

1) Mozambique

Words and Music by Bob Dylan

2) Shifting Sands

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2) Reason To Believe

Words and Music by Tim Hardin

2)Last Subway Home

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2)The Wreckers Prayer

Words and Music by Andy Roberts

2)Nobody Knows You ( When you’re down and out)

Words and Music by Jimmy Cox

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