Friday, September 19, 2008

Havering Folk Club Videos

I put one little clip up after the first time I attended Havering folk club in Romford but sometimes Peter is there with a large video camera, tripod and everything.

This is the clip of the band called Balgores playing live at Havering Folk Club back in July.

Half Finished Songs

I've been on holiday in Scotland and managed to do a little bit of work on my half finished songs, not much, but a bit. It was great having a guitar with me on holiday. I'll have to make sure I can find a way to do that when I fly as well. Travel guitar I suppose.

Blue is 90% finished so I need to record that now.

When the waters rise is coming on.

I played Blue at the Havering folk club upon my return, followed by Norwegian Wood. Next week I might join in the idea of doing something from Oh Brother Where Art Thou , hence My Dear Someone which isn't actually in the film, but is from the CD of the concert by the people from the soundtrack of the film.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Neil Diamond?

I never thought I'd ever play a Neil Diamond song but I'd been enjoying "I'm a believer" recently and decided to look up the second verse. My version owes something to Robert Wyatt but obviously I don't sound anything like him.

The first song I played this week was "Mozambique" from Bob Dylan's 1970s Desire album.

Here's a recording from Splinters when I played Mozambique

A funny thing happened, we met someone whose daughter is playing a leading part in the play we're going to see later this month - Come Dancing musical by Ray Davies of the Kinks
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