Sunday, October 03, 2010

Live at Havering Folk Club

Mostly I’ve been documenting which songs I’ve played at Havering Folk Club on which dates over on the Andy Roberts Music blog on blogspot but I decided a short while ago that I’d start putting those posts here instead, I just haven’t stuck to it very well! The idea was that by tagging posts with song titles, I’d be able to look up very easily and keep track of which songs I’m playing mor often than others, and help me seek out those elusive numbers that I’ve forgotten about for long enough that they suddenly seem fresh and new all over again.  But the tagging system never works out quite as tidily as you might imagine, and the dates become a bit blurry as the habit of reporting promptly wears off.

So one date that was remarkable was the date when the Australian duo Cloudstreet came to the Golden Lion to do a long awaited guest spot for Havering Folk Club. Wednesday 15th September. They didn’t disappoint, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings we’ve had there over the years, and I even managed to track down their own blog afterwards so I can keep up with where they are touring, ready for next time they are in the local area.

cloudstreet - New Australian folk music


As one of only a small number of floor spot artists I had the chance to play two songs, and these were:

Joan of Arc

Sometimes this happens, and my voice hadn’t warmed up in time for the first song, so I’ve trashed the video and instead here is the song as performed for podcast episode 10. I think I’ll leave this one for a while now.

Followed by The Cajun Cooking Cajun Music song.

There’s a nice bright image on that video, thanks to Linda innovating with the video settings on her relatively new stills camera.

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